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7 to 8yrs Solos

A Brault
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1. To view galleries click on the image thumbnail to enter shopping area not the text.

2. Image viewing size will vary dependant on your screen resolution settings. We recommend trying the zoom in your browser if you wish to enlarge further than the default size.

3. The age group album cart may experience a crossover with other customers during busy periods, message us for a direct link to your child's gallery if you find odd images in your cart.

4. Only postal orders require a USB Stick purchase, if you are happy to receive your order on email download you do not need to get a USB stick.

5. Size selection must be applied to every item in the cart. Items showing $0 next to them will not be processed.

6. Single Routine 5x7 Digital Image Pack means you will receive all the images in 1 solo or duo routine. Choose 1 image from the routine you want and select the pack option in the price list to order.

7. Minimum Delivery charge of $3 applies to all orders. Postage and Download over email incurs costs for data, large file sending services, stamps, packaging and staff office time for processing.

8. All images and videos are custom edited so if you have any cropping, lighten or darken, audio, video camera mix requests please write them into the additional instructions box in the cart area.

9. If you need delivery by a certain date please email do not leave a note on the order.

10. Discount options for single items can be applied to an order with a mixture of images and videos. Photo Pack discounts are only applicable to photo packs. Make sure your order contains the matching number of items listed with the discount applied.

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